In this article we will discuss about the Deep Sea Adaptation:- 1. Introduction to Deep Sea Adaptation 2. Characteristics of Deep Sea 3. Adaptive Characters 4. Examples.

Introduction to Deep Sea Adaptation:

Usually lightless sea bottom is referred to as deep sea, i.e., from lower limit of littoral zone (200 metres deep) to the ocean floor.

The benthic division includes Bathyal (200 m – 400 m), Abyssal .(4000 m – 6000 m), and Hadal (from 6000 m and below) zones, Pelagic divi­sion includes Mesopelagic (200 m – 1000 m), Bathypelagic (1000 m – 4000 m) and Abyssopelagic (4000 m and below) zones. The phy­sical characterization of deep sea conveys the nature of adaptation of animals.

Extent of Deep Sea: